Benner Model

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This paper will discuss the role of caring along with the Benner model’s seven domains and my level of proficiency in each domain. Each level of proficiency will be explored to show my strengths as a professional and also areas that I could improve on as a professional nurse. With the areas that need improvement I will show support through supportive rationale with a research article. I will describe how I plan on gaining proficiency in my area of needed improvement, all while using critical thinking and written communication skills.
Role of caring
The role of caring as a registered nurse is an ever changing role. We as nurses must find the time to wear several different hats throughout the day even sometimes multiple hats at one
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Lastly we have the stage of expert. With this stage the ability to fully utilize intuition without the need for reliance on contemplating alternatives for diagnosis and treatment is met. These are your seasoned nurses. The ones who know what to do and how to do things without help from anyone else. These nurses are usually the best to learn information from and best to help the novice stage.
Helping role In the helping role, I find myself to be in the proficient stage, although my nursing career is still fresh and new I have always found the need to help people. Before I began my career journey to become a registered nurse, I was a nurse’s aide for three years. I learned so much from the expert nurses at that time of what I aspired to be when I finally did achieve my goal and get my registered nurse degree and license. Just the ease of listening to a patient for those five extra seconds to let them voice their concerns, helps the patient feel very involved in their own care. Helping a patient is also helping the family that comes along with that said patient. I recall working one night in an emergency room when a little Amish family came in. The child they brought was not breathing so well and had a blue tint to him. The triage nurse rushed the child back to a room and asked the parents to wait in the waiting room until they got the boy stable. The look on the mothers face was that of agony. I asked her if she needed anything
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