Essay on The Road to Becoming a Registered Nurse

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In some point in time, during a person’s life they run into the question what do I want to be? They must find a career that they will enjoy or the time that they have spent in class and studying will be in vain. While doing research on the Georgia Career Information Center and from the constant idea throughout my life I have decided that I want to become a registered nurse. The type of work environment, the salary that the job provides and flexibility with work hours are all things that have drawn me to this occupation. I want to specialize in Neonatal. I have always enjoyed caring for people and making a difference to someone. When you become a nurse these are just some of the things that you are able to accomplish. Becoming a registered …show more content…

The pay for a registered nurse in the state of Georgia is an average of $51,390 a year according to the GCIS site. Also the growth rate is over thirty percent by the year 2020, which is over double the national average for other occupations. Another thing that draws me towards the career is the flexibility. A nurse is able to obtain a job in almost any state as long as they get the correct license for the state. Also, they are able to work in many different settings. A nurse can work in an office setting where the hours are set and they work a normal eight to five job. They are also able to work in a hospital setting, the hours differ when working at a hospital and some are required to work weekends and holidays. The physical demands for both setting would be different. Hospital settings would require lots of walking from room to room as well as running in certain emergency settings. In either setting though a nurse is required to be on their feet for long periods of time. It is not a job to where you would be stuck behind a desk. After researching the career in nursing more in depth it has enforced the idea that I want to be one. It is a path that would pave the way for my independence and allow me to support myself and my daughter. I would also being doing something that enjoy which is caring for others and making a difference. It will not take me long to finish school as

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