Beowulf And John Doe: An Analysis

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Children in healthy environments rarely ever feel social anxiety they are confident albeit prone to asking ungraceful questions like “Are you fat or pregnant” to a woman with a protruding abdomen. However as they get older, especially around the age of 10 most children will feel anxious and not as confident speaking in front of others but usually this will pass and by the time they’re an adult they’re normally adjusted, from Beowulf to whimpering dog to John Doe. However I personally don’t think there should be a phase in childhood where children have their confidence smashed. Myself, I’ve been through this process and it arguably made me who I am, but I think there could be a lot more happiness achieved if this was avoided entirely somehow.…show more content…
Loneliness is crushing but being around hollow individuals who care nothing about your feelings is worse than being crushed it’s being closed in an iron maiden. For me it means a lot to be true to yourself because you can easily find yourself wasting weeks, months and even years of your life trying to impress people with no interest in yourself. When I came into this state, it wasn’t much of a change since I was lonely even where I came from. I met a friend, we got along well and he introduced me to his group of friends. They were awful people, there were definitely miserable. They all slept 4-5 hours a night and found their main hobby of casually insulting each other. At the time I was nice to them but eventually they began insulting me in no flattering way about my appearance or hobbies. My first friend and I left the group but as they were leaving the “head” of the group insulted me about my weight. I grabbed the a tray full of half eaten lunch and whipped it like a frisbee. He was soaked and I had a calming catharsis roll over my entire…show more content…
I didn’t have many friends and didn’t get along with them. 9th grade wasn’t bad, it was actually a very nice year for a lot of reasons but definitely not because I embraced myself. My friend from 8th grade as no longer my friend as 9th grade rolled around and eventually him and I got into a physical confrontation, which I proudly won, what an awful way to start that year but the closure really did make me move on. 10th grade I started going to LCTI and at that point I started to realize that rather than being someone who worked for life that I lived life. I started going to different clubs that year after school, none of them were that great but I had fun. I did my best in LCTI and did what I wanted to do. I always had my eyes on being a computer programmer. I had major success and happiness. I had stayed who I was and with a few adjustments grew in those aspects and developed some others. From my success and honesty to myself I realized how important these things were. When people ask about me I always have something to say. Chris had forced himself into the wilderness and for me this was a smaller but personally huge step. I had started hiking into the better parts of life. He had went his own path and so did I. I was leaving the swamp, killing the hydra and becoming a new
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