Beowulf And Martin Luther King Similarities

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No one would believe that two different men from two completely different time periods could have any striking similarities. If someone just so happened to put an Anglo-Saxon warrior and a civil rights leader from the 1960’s right next to each other, there would be several differences on the surface that would immediately meet the eyes. Although if one happens to dig a little deeper, he or she would find that there are various similarities between the two men that are just beyond the surface. Despite Beowulf and Martin Luther King Jr., living in different time periods and having different ideas about how they should defy their adversaries, Beowulf and Martin Luther King Jr., are very much alike in their battles for the well being of others and their way with words. Beowulf and Martin Luther King Jr., (MLK) were both involved in a struggle for the rights and liberties of those around them. MLK was in an extensive battle with the malevolent existence of racial inequality from 1955 until the day he was shot on his hotel balcony. Similarly, Beowulf physically fought against an evil being, Grendel, who was wreaking havoc on the Danes and later died fighting a dragon for his people. MLK lived in a time where people could be killed for supporting political and social equality for African Americans, but he still felt that the movement was worth it. In fact, MLK’s was bombed on September 30,1956, by segregationists because of the success of the Montgomery bus boycott. Even after

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