Compare And Contrast Beowulf And Martin Luther King

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Today in society there are many individuals who can be described as heroic because of their courageous actions towards helping others. People who do not believe in heroes today do not see the change happening around the world for the benefits of future generations. However, in reality many individuals are risking their own lives to fight for what they believe in and for the change they wish to see in this world. Alfred de Vigny asserts that there are no heroes in this world, but even ancient stories like Beowulf provide examples of heroes who risk their lives to save others while we do still have heroes during modern-day times.
Many individuals look up to their own personal heroes because they inspire and empower them. Martin Luther King is a hero in modern society because he risked his own life to fight for others. African Americans were treated brutally and unfairly. However, King helped start a civil rights movement towards fighting for equality while demonstrating protests and speeches. Both Martin Luther King and Beowulf are heroes because they fought for others while risking their own lives. Beowulf was described as the “true lord” (1611) and defeats Grendel to save his men. Martin Luther King could also be described as a true lord for African Americans because he helped them gain human rights. Although society still is struggling with racism, King helped inspire and show the world you must fight for what you believe in. When a hero shows support and confidence,

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