Beowulf Poem Analysis

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It’s guaranteed that almost everyone in the country knows about the epic poem Beowulf or have seen the movie because it had simply seemed like a great movie to watch. Half of the people who saw the movie probably have read the poem. After watching it, they might’ve asked, “Why did Hollywood change up the story?” Was it because the epic was incredibly too sophisticated for viewers and they wanted them to actually understand what was going on instead of what was originally written? Is it the fact that the main characters of the story are harsh and a little hard to understand for the viewers who haven’t read the epic poem? This essay is going to be giving answers that will hopefully help you understand why Hollywood decided to change up the epic poem. Starting off with the big main character, Beowulf. In the epic, Beowulf is portrayed as a hero and a warrior. Beowulf is noble to Hrothgar, the king, but also he was courageous and stood by his word. He is also brave when he stands up and offers to kill Grendel. In the 2007 film, Beowulf is portrayed as the complete opposite. He was a lying and dishonest, craven in the Hollywood creation. Yes, Beowulf did have his flaws, it’s understandable everyone is not perfect but what Hollywood made wasn’t just imperfections. When Hrothgar decides to take his own life, Beowulf was named king, he had cheated on Wealhtheow. Beowulf had accompanied a younger mistress. Thus in conclusion, the Beowulf in the epic poem was far more

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