Beowulf and the Tempest-Revenge

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Revenge Many comparisons can be seen between Shakespeare’s novel The Tempest and the epic Beowulf. One of the strongest similarities is the idea of revenge. Shakespeare’s novel occurs basically in order for Prospero to have revenge on his enemies from usurping his dukedom. Beowulf’s original monster, Grendel, starts acting out less due to revenge and more out of pure frustration. His death though, causes his mother to act on revenge, killing one of Hrothgar’s trusted advisor, Aeschere, causing Beowulf to kill her for revenge. The dragon got mad about a stolen article and burned down Beowulf’s home in revenge, and so Beowulf went after him. Although they have different motives, both plots are caused greatly because of revenge.…show more content…
So the brave Beowulf once again came to the rescue. She lived under water so that was where he fought her and the place where she met her bitter end. Beowulf’s final battle was also due to revenge. The dragon had a valuable cup that had gone missing from the treasures. He was furious and ransacked the entire country, including burning down Beowulf’s house. Therefore Beowulf went after the dragon to avenge his lost home. This was his final battle, the fight where he lost his life. Although revenge is a major theme in both The Tempest and Beowulf, their reasons for revenge are very different. Prospero wants revenge in order to get his life back. He was thrown out of his dukedom and onto a deserted island. He wanted his enemies to feel remorse and to gain back his dukedom and that was all. In Beowulf it was very different. Everyone wanted revenge because they were upset and wanted to hurt the nemesis. Grendel was upset with his lineage so he wanted to stop all happiness so he attacked Heorot. Grendel’s mother wanted to avenge her son’s murder so she too destroyed Heorot, including killing Aeschere. Beowulf and all the Danes wanted to avenge Aeschere’s murder so he killed Grendel’s mother. The dragon wanted his treasure back so he raided the country, and Beowulf got angry and attacked the dragon. Prospero just wanted remorse and he was happy. The characters in Beowulf wanted

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