Bergen-Belsen: A Short Story

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My life didn’t start off on a very high note I was born in Bitterfeld, Germany. Than I was raised in an orphanage for the first one and a half years of my life. I don’t really remember much about the orphanage. I was than taken into foster care. Than on top of all the crazy events happening in my life I was starting school. School wasn’t any better, I was getting beaten for supposedly misbehaving. Other students were also taunting me by calling me names. School was like a prison dark, and scary. I hated school really I didn’t have any friends, even my teachers didn’t like me for some reason. My teacher Miss Doris only liked the kids who were a part of the Nazi Youth Movement. I remember back when the Nazi were starting to gain power seeing…show more content…
I was to be deported to a concentration camp known as Bergen-Belsen. It was dark out so the surgery must have taken a long time. They had told me to stay with this group of people who I assumed were going to the same camp as me. I could tell that nothing good was happening I was headed straight toward a camp surrounded by a tall curved barbed wire fence. I was crammed next to tons of others. I had heard about these camps but nothing much real good had come out of it. Many people had been saying that if you were to be taken to the camps that you life was going to be very hard. A couple of them had said that they had saw smoke coming out of a tall tower but I couldn’t see any tower since it was so dark. I was almost to the entrance when I was grabbed hard on the arm. I wasn’t sure who it was, I was pulled out from the crowd and taken into the forest. Lucky I was taken by my step father. He had followed the crowd and kept eye on me the entire time, he had waited until the right moment and then grabbed me from the crowd. He had saved me from the camp. We ran hoping that no one would catch us I tipped and we scraped by the fence as we passed by, but I didn’t care I got back up and just keep running with my father. My father had told me that something terrible was happening and that I should hid and stay hidden until I felt that it was safe to leave. He told me to hid in a garden shed and so I did. At first I thought that he was joking but never misjudge a father when he is screaming at you “hid where ever you can and stay hidden!” It was dark and I was scared my father had left me in this shed. I was tired and aching all over, not knowing it I fell asleep not much long after my father had left me in this small garden
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