Bergen-Belsen Camp

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Established in 1940, Bergen-Belsen was originally a prisoner-of-war camp. It was formerly named Stalag 311 until 1943 when the camp was converted into a concentration camp and renamed Bergen-Belsen. Bergen-Belsen was divided into eight different sub-camps: a special camp (Sonderlager), neutral's camp (Nuetralenlager), a tent camp (Zeltlager), small women’s camp (Kleines Fravenlager), large women’s camp (Grosses Fravenlager), star camp (Sternlager), a Hungarian camp (Ungarnlager), and a recuperation camp (Ernolungslager). Bergen-Belsen was only built to hold around 10,000 prisoners, but by the end of the war the camp held more than 60,000 prisoners. This concentration camp had good living standards compared to other camps like Auschwitz. However,
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