Bernice: A Narrative Fiction

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Bernice Tick, tick, tick, tick, I toss and turn, trying to sleep more, tick, tick, tick. I give up, I swing my legs over the side of the bed, and walk into the room next door, gently shaking her awake. I look at the clock next to her bed, 1:07 it reads. “Yes sweetheart?” she questions me. Her white shimmering in the light, her blue eyes glowing with love, the wrinkles in her face showing many years of laughing and happiness. “I can’t sleep,” I softly reply. “Ok, let's go.” She stands up, straightening her 5 foot 3 frame, shuffling her feet toward the door as I run to the front room to grab the cards from the drawer under the lamp. I sneak through the kitchen grabbing a cookie from the cabinet, like Winnie the Pooh grabbing his honey after…show more content…
“Ohhh, ok,” I reply eagerly. “Now where was I?” she asks herself, “Ohh right, he put his intimidating face on. ‘Well,’ He drags out ‘Young man what are you doing here?’ Daddy asks him. ‘Well, sir I am here to take Bernice on a date.’ Your grandfather replies. I run past my father and kiss him on the cheek and say ‘Bye Daddy, I will be home by curfew!’ While running out the door, your grandfather and I had such a pleasant night, on our way back we ducked into the hall and necked…” “What does necked mean Grandma?” I question my grandma’s word choice. “It means kissed sweetheart” “EW EWW EWWW!!!!” I shouted in disgust. “THAT’S EWWWY” She chuckled at my horror. “We’ll wait a few years and then we we’ll talk.” “NO, NO NO NO I swear off boys!! They are gross, they’re dirty and they’re disgusting.” “Uh huh. Well, it’s…” I yawn cutting her off, “Ok honey I think it is time for bed, it is 2:19, you need to sleep or your mom will never let you come over again.” I nod sleep dousing over me. She picks up the cards, guides me to my bed, tucks me in, kisses my forehead, and whispers I love you. She turns out the lights, heading for her own peaceful
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