Bertrand Russel's Enlargement Of Self

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Bertrand Russel was born on 18th May 1872. He was a British philosopher, mathematician, historian, writer, social critic and also political activist. Numerous points of his life, he considered himself a socialist, and a liberal. He was born in Monmouth shire into one of the most upper-class families in Britain. Russel led the British “revolt against idealism,” In the early 20th Century. He is one of the founders of analytic philosophy. He then died on 2nd February, 1970. There are many points that Bertrand Russel illustrated in the book. The points that he talked about are the enlargement of self, and he also talks about the value of philosophy.
One point that Bertrand Russel talked about is the enlargement of self. In the book he stated, “All acquisition of knowledge is an enlargement of self, but this enlargement of self is best obtained when it is not directly sought.” Russell’s expression “Enlargement of self” expresses for the person of understanding, wide interest, self-motivation, and reflection. He also used the phrase “a share in infinity” indicates the approach of brief philosophy. Enlargement of one’s self takes a straight view to escape from the circle of our everyday lives. When you see
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Philosophy unable to tell us with definite what is true without raising any doubts. Also, suggest many possibilities which enlarge our thoughts and free them from despotism. While abbreviating our feeling of certainty as to what we think things are, it increases our knowledge as to what they may be. It also removes person from being arrogant but to be more
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