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Chapter 9 The Market Revolution 51. Complaint of a Lowell Factory Worker 1. The female factory worker compared her conditions with those of slaves because she felt like they were being treated like slaves by not being allowed to speak for themselves. She felt that they were awed into silence by wealth and power and was under tyranny and cruel oppression 2. She doubt the sincerity of the Christian beliefs of the factory owners because they talk benevolence in the parlor, compel their help to labor for a mean and paltry pittance in the kitchen. They manifest great concern for souls of the heathen in distant lands and care for nobody else besides their own. 52. Immigrants Arriving in New York City 1. The tone the…show more content…
A man will find in himself a perfect comprehension. The world is his for who can see through its pretension. 55. Henry David Thoreau, Walden 1. What Thoreau’s means in his statement is that from the desperate city you go into the desperate country, and have to console yourself with the bravery of minks and muskrats. What he thinks is the cause is the country that is in desperation. 2. What Thoreau means when he writes “We do not ride on the railroad it rides upon us” is that the work from building a railroad is dependent on people. People have to do hard labor to build the railroad for people who want it; if people didn’t want a railroad there wouldn’t be a need for labor. 56. Charles G. Finney, “Sinners Bound to Change Their Own Hearts” 1. Finney means by “change of heart” is to prefer a different end. It is to prefer supremely the glory of God and the public good, to the promotion of his own interest. 2. The fact that that he is preaching in an era of mass political democracy affects Finney’s language is that he will be judged even more. During at time where religious freedom was not present and democracy was dependent only on elected officials. Chapter 10 Democracy in America 57. The Monroe Doctrine 1. Monroe thinks that the “systems” of Europe and the Western Hemisphere are fundamentally different because the Western Hemisphere was no longer open to European

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