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Best Buy Case Study 1

Best Buy Case Study
Tiffany Antoine
Empire State College

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Best Buy is one of the world's largest and most diversified retailers of home office products, consumer electronics, and entertainment software with $16.62 billion in annual revenue as of February 26, 20111 ( This paper scrutinizes how in spite of a global economic recession, Best Buy continues to generate increased in-store sales. How their use of in-store analytics …show more content…

Small business: The customer who runs his or her own business and has specific needs relating to growing sales and increasing the profitability of the business11 (Marketing, 10th Edition pg. 136).
Based on the research that Mr. Seldon completed, Best Buy concluded that their customer population was mainly made up of the “Jill” segment. This segment of their demographic wants more assistance in the store; a more “personal shopper” feel. They are also interested in how the potentially purchased item will affect their lives and were less interested in the technology. Best Buy also went from a predominately male staff to a more gender diverse staff. Since this “Jill” segment influences 89 percent of all purchases, it behooved Best Buy to accommodate their core clientele.
Accordingly, Best Buy implemented common sense solutions once they understood the issues that needed to be addressed. Many related products were bundled together; in many stores, kids had designated play areas while their moms shopped. To help with installation on store or internet purchased items, Best Buy enlisted the help of Geek Squad so customers need not concern themselves with the equipment set-up. This adaption to the company’s customers has allowed Best Buy to be one on the most successful companies in the United States. Forbes magazine named Best Buy “Company of the Year” in

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