Best CDN Services for High Traffic Blogs and Sites Essay

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Best CDN Services for High Traffic Blogs and Sites

A CDN or Content Delivery network is a group of geographically distributed servers that serves one purpose. It is meant to provide a more efficient delivery of content to a large number of users. CDN is an interconnected system of computers that the internet provides the web content rapidly to multiple user by duplicating the content to various servers and directing the content to users on proximity. It is used by internet service providers to deliver static or dynamic pages and it is perfect for streaming audio, video, and IPTV programming.

Before, files in high demand on the internet were downloaded from different servers using mirror links. A CDN takes a similar approach especially …show more content…

CacheFly is one of the fastest CDN available. It promises to accelerate your website for up to 10x. CacheFly was launched in 2002 and houses some of the biggest names in the industry like Adobe, LG, Virgin Gaming, Toyota, Cartoon Network, and Bank of America.

CacheFly is a pay-as-you-go service. You don't need to be tied in a contract, so you'll never be tied to a penalty and expenses will only incur if you use their service. It supports all video formats and their servers are well-equipped for bursts, and for handling webinars and live events. Their services are also multi-CDN compatible if you plan to add more CDNs in the future.

Amazon CloudFront
Amazon CloudFront is a web service for content delivery. The service sprang out when Amazon discovered that most clients were using Amazon Web Services, not as a backup solution but as a means of delivery. Amazon CloudFront has some of the top clients like PBS and Sega. CloudFront is known to be best for bloggers and startups due to its reasonable price.

Your website can get accelerated almost instantly after you've signup for Amazon Cloudfront. If you are using Amazon S3 cloud storage, this service will integrate seamlessly without any setup. The service offers pay-as-you-go, so you can decide to use or not to use it anytime you want without cancellation fees.

The service is capable of handling video streaming and file/software distribution. The service has a trade secret for delivering dynamic

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