Best of H+: Cochlear Implants and the Deaf Culture: A Transhumanist Perspective by Shaikat Hossain

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The article “Best of H+: Cochlear Implants and the Deaf culture: A Transhumanist Perspective” by Shaikat Hossain, is a doctoral student in the cognition and neuroscience at the University of Texas, discusses the social issues of cochlear implants. In the article Hossain aims to enlighten the readers with the “ethical, social and philosophical issues”(Hos. 1) concerning the Deaf community and the people who supports cochlear implants. The author that wrote the article is mainly targeting readers that has minor or no intellect revolving around the history of cochlear implants and the development of people receiving cochlear implants because people are mostly obviously to see the struggle of the deaf community’s extinction. The article primarily displays the logical appeals, use reason to make an argument with evidence and data. Hossain used multiple ways to mold the reader to persuade the readers to continue reading the article, some of these techniques are using factual data to insure the reader that it’s accurate information coming from a reliable source such as in the article “(Osberger et al., 2000; Garnham et al, 2002; Skinner et al., 1994…).”(Hos. 2) The author is achieving its goal to grab the readers attention by addressing the appositional views, the attitude that was provided in article while having the logical appeals shown. The author mainly provides logical appeals in the article to show his research on the topic. “Sign Languages stand apart from the many
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