Bethel University Student Analysis

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In a transitional setting, a university will have instructors who will lecture all semester long and have you complete two tests; one mid-term and a final exam. As well as have a set time and place for the aforementioned lecture to take place. In some universities attendance is not a requirement. They want you to pass the test in the middle and at the end of the year. You could be in a class with as many as two-hundred plus people which makes it almost impossible for the instructor to reach out to students who are having a hard time.

In an online or virtual setting, flexibility is not only a strength but a weakness. (Chambers, 2016). Cindy Chambers is correct in saying that many students find that they would not have the guidance or structure
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(2016). Welcome to Bethel University. Orientation to Online Learning, 7.

Three skills I bring to the program, that will help me on my academic journey are, writing, research and communication. In accordance with my chosen profession these three skills will get you further than knowledge. In the following paragraphs I will further elaborate on three skills that I will bring with me on this academic journey as well as depict several talents that need to be developed.

My first skill is writing. I love writing. Whether creatively, academically, or just writing down my thoughts and emotions just to get a better understanding; writing to me is almost like an addiction. This program happens to be a writing based program which is refreshing. However, writing academically can sometimes be mind-numbing and tedious; except for when writing on a topic of interest. Unfortunately we are not always able to write about what we want and must write about what was assigned. In either case writing has always been one of my strongest
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Research is fun, it’s like going for a scavenger hunt only the world wide web has your answer. In my profession, research is vital, laws change all the time and lawmakers do not have time to send you email updates. You must be able to find which law applies to your case and make sure it is the most up to date. If you do something repetitively over time, eventually, you get really good at it. Research was a learned skill, but It is a talent that is a strength for
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