Bhopal Plant Responsible For The Production Of Carbaryl

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The Bhopal Plant
As previously stated, the Bhopal plant was responsible for the production of Carbaryl, otherwise known as Sevin which was released under the brand name Eveready. The plant itself aided Bhopal somewhat with attracting new people with the promise of jobs and fixing the inconsistent electricity supplied to the city. While the plant was initially very profitable, eventually the market changed, leaving the factory making a loss every year. The plant eventually stopped producing Sevin due to a large backlog of Methyl Isocyanate and little demand in the market for it[1]. Many of the safety features could have reduced the severity, or completely stopped the Bhopal Disaster altogether. However, with none of these active, very little stopped the Methyl Isocyanate cloud from descending upon Bhopal. In addition staff size was reduced below recommended levels, leaving very few workers on shifts with only a single supervisor[1]. Available positions would now be a less attractive prospect to workers, leading workers with fewer skills than previously to take up positions in the plant. Over 50 tons of Methyl Isocyanate in liquid form was stored in two tanks beneath the plants (though some workers claim that a 3rd reserve tank was in use too), and were kept there for several months.
This makes it exceedingly likely that much of the maintenance and security features were turned off to prevent losing money every year. The parent company likely ignored many safety suggestions
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