Bhutan Border Speech

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Bhutan Border The border is explained to be between Bhutan and India. In the beginning of the video the women questions the gentleman on why they are crossing over to India. The first guy is going to have his beard fixed and she also explains that Bhutanese crossing the border don't have any problems. There are no problems with Bhutanese people crossing over to India from the border ; they are able to enter freely. Some Bhutanese people even went to visit family and friends. Many women from Bhutan visit India to go shopping for clothes, visiting friends, and buying vegetables for the house. The reporter asks the Bhutanese people if they like India and all of the Bhutanese people gave a positive feedback. The border is patrolled by men and …show more content…

I found it very interesting learning about Bhutan with a king in charge. I thought the king would be the soul ruler of the country but people also have say and the police/government is really there to help it's citizens with any needs. We also have different branches in our government like Bhutan but there's is much more big and complex. Bhutan has banned corporal punishment and that is something we also don't tolerate because it's wrong. However I found a lot of differences between Bhutan and the United States of America. Bhutan doesn't have any traffic lights which is very crazy to me but most states/countries have traffic lights here. There are also no fast food places which is very sad because I love to eat at places like Me n Eds and Taco Bell. The United States of America consists of many different races but Bhutan is mostly compromised by Bhutanese citizens. Our citizenship rules in the United States of America are very simple rather than Bhutan's. For example I discussed that a child of a Bhutan citizen that is women thus the child is not considered a citizen of Bhutan. Here in the United States of America if you are born here you are considered a citizen no matter what the status of your parents is. The law enforcement is significantly different from the law enforcement in the United States.

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