Bias In The Media

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The media has always been around human civilizations since the ancient days, either in tangible or intangible form. Its initial purpose was to inform the citizens about certain phenomena. However, as time pass by, majority of people started to prefer biased media over informative media, and considered as positive trend because of ‘freedom of speech’. Even so, this essay believes that bias in the media is harmful enough to show distortion to the audience and to vilify an individual or a group. To begin with, the media can intentionally omit part of the source that is being broadcasted based on their own needs, which can distort reality for the audience. The distortion would not only lead to falsified belief but also lack of trust. For example, recently, due to the health concern of Hilary Clinton, CBS interviewed Bill Clinton, Hilary`s husband. During the interview, Bill commented that “health problem is rarely frequent” for Hillary but when CBS uploaded the video, they took omitted the “rarely” part. Due to this, people started to interpret as Hilary as fragile woman and some boycotted against female power. Just like this, biased media reporting could twist reality and be developed to an extent where one holds repugnance against the target. …show more content…

Such method derived from human nature of an individual, interpreting fear mongering beings as evildoer. According to the documentary, Bowling for Columbine, the professor has stated that the main reason why White people opposed Black was because of the fear that one day the black may dominate the white. From such fear, white has intentionally vilified the blacks through metaphor with the deadly African Bees and suspecting all criminals as Black through media. Through such biased report, white people`s hatred toward blacks multiplied and some created an organization called KKK to lynch or burn the black

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