Examples Of Bias Reduction Plan

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Bias Reduction Plan: In the classroom, students may lie to prevent getting in trouble. That is understandable because, who wants to be in trouble anyway? However, I will discourage dishonesty in the classroom by promoting an environment in which students will feel comfortable with each other and with me. I will develop rapport with the students so that they see me as their teacher, their guide, and not an unfriendly figure of authority that imposes punishments to those who break the rules. Kindness will be my ally and will use it to demonstrate that any broken rules in the classroom can result is memorable learning experiences without incurring punishment. Perhaps the love and logic strategy of classroom management would help me reduce this bias because, as I treat students with kindness, dishonesty may be deter. Kindness will help me strengthen the student to teacher bond. My classroom will have zero tolerance to bullying. I will clearly indicate to all students, in the first day of class, that bullying can damage lives and that I will have the duty to any incidents should they occur. I believe in second chances, however, so any students are welcome in my classroom–especially those seeking a positive change in their lives. Again, kindness may serve as a tool to reduce my bias and to build a link between the student and myself. I will research the behaviors associated with bullying and will study the reasons why people bully others. In short, I will address my bias by

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