Biblical Dynamics Maxwell's Leadership Bible Role In Explaining The Organizational Ethics Of The Tennin Cleaning Services

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Serving the needs of organizational members, understanding the importance of needing each other, and finding meaning and satisfaction of work, are few of the key fundamentals of the Bolman and Deal’s The Human Resource Frame Model (Bolman and Deal, 2013, p. 117). First, serving the needs of organizational members and understanding the importance of relying on each other, goes hand-in-hand at the TCS. As a family-based cleaning business, the TCS continues to reemphasize that finding meaning and satisfaction in our work, begins with how management and employees work together collectively, to either solve the simplest to complex concerns. According to Bolman and Deal (2013), “Common sense tells us that needs are important because we all have them” (p. 118). Indeed, every organizational member in an organization has needs. The needs of serving employees at the TCS, begins with how does he or she want the family-based cleaning business to meet their needs: Does the needs of the employees positively or negative affect the organizational culture of the well-being of the TCS?

Describing the Biblical Dynamics Maxwell’s Leadership Bible Role in Explaining the Organizational Ethics of the Tennin Cleaning Service
During the course of her three years of being a student at the Judson University, there is one aspect that Ms. Sams continues to learn on her understanding of developing a Christian worldview. In particular, the one aspect that Ms. Sams continues to build upon her

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