Summary Of Integrative Approaches To Psychology And Christianity

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Integrative approaches to psychology and Christianity
Enwistle’s book, Integrative approaches to psychology and Christianity: An introduction to worldview issues, philosophical foundations, and models of integration (2010) is a text that explores integrating psychology and Christianity. We start out by learning about integration related to both psychology and Christianity. Is this a thing? Is integration between these two subjects a subject itself? Enwistle explores through time to reveal how psychology and Christianity have been both closely studied and intertwined throughout time. Enwistle (2010) defines Christian psychology as “ a commitment to a Christian worldview that shapes how psychology is studied and applies, and that recognizes that there are specific Christian resources that uniquely reveal crucial aspects of what it means to be human (p. 14). Those in the psychology or counseling field who are also Christian have unique and different approaches but they draw from both Christianity and psychology to help them succeed.
We learn about worldviews of Christians and about a psychological worldview. Entwistle (2010) teaches us the worldview of Christians …show more content…

I did not appreciate this information at all because I am going into the next chapter thinking it is going to be difficult and it was. There is a lot of terminologies that I was looking up to better grasp the concept. When reading in chapter six Entwistle (2010) makes us think of nature and a time that we were in awe of it (p.94). He goes on to talk about how science plays a big role in the world today to make sense of things like what we view to be beautiful in nature. The concept made more sense because I could relate it to my life where science and my beliefs meet. I remember the science from field trips to the wilderness and the religious part comes from knowing who made the

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