Biblical Text Discussion: Matthew 24:43-25:13

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Biblical Text Discussion: Mathew 24:43-25:13
Throughout his teachings, Jesus used a variety of stories and parables to put his messages across. Through his utilization of the said parables and stories, Jesus was able to break down even the most complicated messages in a way that his followers could not only understand but also relate with. In addition to using the stories and parables of Jesus to enhance our understanding of his teachings, we could also use such stories to learn more about the person of Jesus.
To begin with, the three stories I concern myself with in this text clearly show that Jesus is indeed God. In the first story, he points out that the Son of Man will indeed come back. By giving his followers this assurance, Jesus clearly demonstrates that he is the savior of all humanity, i.e. he is indeed God. Secondly, given his choice of simple events to present his stories and parables, Jesus yet again demonstrates that although he is truly God, he is able to relate with the day to day challenges of commoners/earthlings. This is an indication of not only his humility but also his simplicity. Next, it should also be noted that by referring to himself as the Son of Man in the first story, Jesus confirms to his followers that apart from being God, he is also man, i.e. he is both divine and human.
When it comes to the central message of the biblical stories I concern myself with in this text, it is important to note that Jesus basically urges us to be ready for his

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