Bicycle Thieves

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Vittorio De Sica’s The Bicycle Thieves is a simple story set amidst a post-war Rome. It is a neorealist film characterized by setting the story amongst the poor and working class. The film surrounds the difficult economical and moral conditions of post WWII Italy, reflecting the conditions of everyday life: Poverty and desperation, with the implicit message that in a better society, wealth would be more evenly distributed. The plot is simple, surrounding a man, his son and a bicycle. The film tells a story of Antonio Ricci, an unemployed worker who finally gets a job to paste advertisements in the city of Rome. To keep this job, he must have a bicycle, in which his wife, Maria had to pawn their bed linens to get money to redeem their…show more content…
And tells Bruno, “To hell with it! You want a pizza?” In a scene of great cheer, they eat in a restaurant and Bruno is even allowed to drink a little wine. The scene also shows a contrast in the food that Bruno and the rich family’s son eats. As Bruno looks hopefully at a family eating platters of pasta, he is brought back to reality as he is told by his father, “To eat like that, you need a million lira a month at least.” At that period of time, where the Catholic Church is virtually inseparable from all aspects of society, people turn to seers for their salvation. Even though the Riccis seem to be believers—they have a crucifix in their bedroom—they do not attend church on Sunday morning, when things are at their worst. Moreover, Bruno mocks the older boys in the mission church when he kneels and makes the sign of the cross. There is also an attempt to show a belief in the supernatural powers of the seer when one is at means end. This can be seen when Maria wanted to pay for the seer’s prediction of Antonio getting a job, in which Antonio attempt to stop her, showing that he does not believe in them. Yet, later on when Antonio was at wits end in the futile search of his bicycle, he turned to the seer for a glimpse of hope and help. The film also reflects the realist world as it mirrors the happenings of our real world. For example, after the theft of Antonio’s bicycle, a report was made to
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