Big-Business and How It Is Affecting All Americans

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A lot of these big businesses run similarly to dictatorship or communist countries, a person or small group making the decisions for the masses, which these policies only apply to the masses and not the group making the decision. Being above the corporate policies set forth for the worker allows these greedy employers to promise the world if the employee works hard to accomplish the company’s goals of profit. Then, when the employer wants more and the employee is not capable. They call the employee into the office to lay them off with no benefit other than the benefit of experience working in the company. Although there is still the opportunity for the American dream, big-business decisions are helping that dream fade away because of greed. These large corporations are pushing the percentage margin of profits to exceed well over twice the amount of capital; most of it goes into the pockets of the executives, that the company put in at the begin through the strategy of; laying-off employees, closing work sites, and buying out the smaller competition. However, the sovereignty of America is slowly dwindling away by the loss of buying power of the US dollar, through the impact of the decisions made by these small executive groups of big corporate America and foreign companies trying to beat the market leader. They clearly do this by lowering the cost of a similar product below what American companies can compete. It is easy to conclude that absolute power corrupts absolutely;

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