Big Pharma Paccines Essay

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In the year of 2017, I would think 99% of the population of the Western world would believe in the life saving abilities and precautions vaccines are able to provide. But recently, a new wave of danger has befallen the mommy bloggers and soccer moms. The fear of bearing autistic children ‘brought about by vaccines’ is too much for these moms, they couldn’t watch their child suffer such a fate. So what’s their solution to protect their precious miracle? Ultimately, sacrificing the overall physical health of the child, as well as the children around them by depriving the child of a good, healthy start in infancy in exchange for non-medical protection. One making such an ill-informed, naive, and selfish decision for their child ultimately …show more content…

Doctors, and even Disneyland officials made a public statement pleading with individuals, especially those with infants younger than fifteen months, to not visit the park if they have not received the latest MMR vaccine and to receive the vaccine as soon as possible.
Yes, the doctors are such evil, corrupt money suckers for wanting public health to be protected.
Additionally, the human population develops a ‘herd immunity’ to a certain virus or disease. Herd immunity occurs when majority of the population maintains immunity to a particular disease. This, in turn, protects that small percentage of the population that have not received vaccinations.
This could be done by the meticulous and drawn out function of evolution, or, it could be accomplished much faster if people receive vaccines for preventable diseases. Which is needed for herd immunity to be maintained, as a large percentage of the population must be vaccinated for this successful and biological phenomenon to occur.
While anti-vaxxers go ahead and deny themselves or their children of vaccines, their blissfully ignorant to the overall effect they could have on society and public health.
Not to only mention the biological effects, there are also social effects anti-vaxxers don’t realize they’re causing.

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