Big World Song Review

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Journal Assignment# 6 “Big Big World”is a song that shows a young and stubborn a girl’s emotion which is confused about love. The beautiful chords with the soft piano, the melodious cello and violin, and the rhythmic electronic drum has delivered the message of this song to listener and has made them deeply understand this song. The music starts with the refrain directly with the piano’s leading. With gentle and exquisite girl’s voice, it brings listeners’ minds to a girl’s spiritual world which is clean and holy. “I’m a big big girl. In a big big world. It’s not a big big thing if you leave me.” The Pleasant piano sound sets off a love story, and it makes listener calmly listen to the young girl’s heart. She will tell her memory and thought to everyone. …show more content…

It’s all yellow and nice.” At the same time, the tone of the piano is changed from the upper register to the lower register. The chord makes the entire band full. The cello plays smooth and melodious melody, and the girl starts singing her story. In the second sentence, “It’s so very cold outside; like the way I’m feeling inside.” The chord is changed from major to minor; it makes the color of music change from bright to sadness. The sound of cello is calm, and the tune is a bit melancholic, reflecting the mood of the girl. She is sad because of her lost love, and she falls into her

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