Essay on Love in Albert Camus´ The Stranger

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Many can agree that love may blind, and befuddle the mind, a sense of insecurity might also be a symptom of love. Albert Camus’ The Stranger introduces a character that embodies strength, desire and confidence. Marie Cardona is a woman of simple needs, and is extremely driven to get them. Though she is sometimes oversimplified by Meursault, she never fails to leave his side, no matter their circumstance. Love is expressed differently by all, some like Salamono may tuck it away, only to release it when the lover has left forever. Others , like Marie, choose to boast it to the world without hesitation. This quality is her confidence is herself shining through. She never fails to attest to what she wants “Then she said she wondered if she…show more content…
She does not merely decide that this relationship is ultimately going nowhere and drops everyhthing, no, Marie is brave enough to not let go of this man who brings such glee into her life. For she is not the sort of woman who would throw away a relationship that may end in a long happy life just because Meursault did not say three simple words to her. Yet she still has the fearlessness to ask for a marriage with Meursault, who had recently denied her of his love.
None of this deters Marie, for she is strong and satisfied with where she is in her relatiioinship even though she gets nothing emotionally from Meursault. Marie learns just how to be with Meursault, she builds herself up and one day decides that she will not allow Meursault’s little emotional displays stop her from spending the rest of her life with him. Another thing that makes Marie stick out, is that she was the one who ‘proposed’ to him. Sure, there was never any formal proposal, no dropping to one knee or hiding the ring in some angle foodcake, but she was the first to even remotely mention marriage in the relationship. Set in the early 1940’s, the time proves that the woman was still the less superior in any relationship. Never was it socially acceptable to be this forward in a relationship, never could the woman bring up
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