Bilateral Cooperation Between the United States and Vietnam Essay

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On 24th February, U.S President Barack Obama has ratified an agreement on civil nuclear cooperation between U.S and Vietnam, which enables America to join the market of civil nuclear energy in Vietnam and creates opportunity for them to sell reactors to Vietnam. According to The Associated Press, this is a sign of strengthening the bilateral cooperation between the two countries.
Vietnam and the U.S Government have reached an agreement on civil nuclear cooperation in October 2013 on the sidelines of 23th summits Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).
After being ratified by President Barack Obama, this agreement will be taken under consideration within 90 days by American Congress. If there is no disapproval idea from lawmakers …show more content…

Gas price increases by 300 dong, to 24.510 dong per liter, diesel increases by 240 dong per liter, to 22.700 dong per liter. One liter of petroleum costs 22.630 dong now, increasing by 230 dong, fuel oil also increases by 200 dong/liter.
The latest price adjustment is 2 pm 18/12/2013, when gas price increased by 584 dong/liter for RON 92, up to 24.214 dong/liter. Diesel was allowed to increase by 653 dong, up to 22.963 dong/liter. Petroleum also increased by 384 dong. Hanoi: Proposal to increase bus fare
On November 11th, Department of Transportation Hanoi had proposal to adjust on bus fare with subsidy in city. Accordingly, the Department of Transportation launched an expected fare adjustment in which ticket fare increase by 40% for less-than-25-km distance ( from 5000 dong, up to 7000 dong), 16% for from 25km to less than 30km distance (from 6000 dong to 7000 dong), and 14% for over 30km distance (from 7000 to 8000 dong) .
Distance Current fare (VND) New fare (VND) Increased rate (%)
<25 km 5,000 7,000 40
25-30 km 6,000 7,000 16
>30 km 7,000 8,000 14

For monthly ticket, the one- priority fare (for students) increases from 45.000 dong to 50.000 dong, from 90.000 dong to 150.000 dong for non-priority passengers.

One-turn More-than-one-turn Current fare

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