Bilbo Baggins Character Analysis

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Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit who lives in a hobbit hole he was a normal,but one day all that changed when he heard a little knock at his door.What he did not know was that it would lead him on a huge journey that would change him forever. It would soon turn him from hobbit to hero. This journey has turned him into a hero. The three instances where he was face to face with being a hero was once when he was in the cave with Gollum,another when he fought the giant spider,and lastly when he faced mass starvation and hunger. Bilbo ran into many problems on the way ,but quickly got through them. My personal favorite was when he was in the cave with Gollum. He used his fast smart thinking to save himself from certain death.He was in the middle of the game that was life or death. He had the quick thinking of asking what is in my pocket so he could not guess so there fore Bilbo won.This proves he has heroic skills now because if he was cowering Bilbo than he would not have even tried to beat Gollum and most likely would have ended his life. He is becoming more of a hero every chapter. He shows many qualities that proves even a hobbit can become heroic. But he still not quite there yet …show more content…

He and the dwarves were dealing with mass starvation and huge amounts of dehydration throughout the whole book the dwarves and Bilbo had no food and there was no water in site for one hundred miles. They were on their own. He was being a hero by being able to handle all the high amounts of stress being poured on him. He was tired,starving,and thirsty they were all feeling the pressure of life hitting them in the face. Bilbo would had given up if he was being his old hobbit self but something had changed he was being more of a hero. In the novel it said,”The food is running out and were tired.” Bilbo is already a hero to me just for sowing mass improvement on his qualities he really did go from hobbit to

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