Bilbo Reflection

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At the end of the novel, I came to the realization that even though an individual is depicted as being incapable of handling something in a particular manner or portrayed as being inefficient in the completion of an assigned task, hope is the ultimate solution or there is a room for an individual to grow. I am of the stance that this is the most critical section of the novel because Bilbo experiences more transformations and develops in the same way as a hobbits contrary to what had been expected of him. Moreover, I also deduced from the novel that if an individual embraces the act of teamwork rather than individualism, the person is more likely to accomplish his/her life goals and objectives. Working with other individuals enables one to seek clarification on a particular matters hence better results. Moreover, I also consider that the book is a channel of emotional wisdom in that it verifies that when an individual has faith on his ability to accomplish a particular task even if entails sourcing help from other people, the task can actually be accomplished at the end. The novel gave an understanding that even though an individual is morally upright at an initial stage, the person is bound to change in the course of development as a result of inevitable change. This can be backed by the fact that Bilbo at the onset of the novel was only determined to share views with fellow hobbits and not either the dwarves or elves. However, at the end, there is a drastic change

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