Bilbo's Journey Analysis

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Bilbo’s journey all started when he met Gandalf. Gandalf organized a plan to get Bilbo into the “group of dwarves and Gandalf”. Gandalf believed that Bilbo was right for the journey, so he put a queer sign on Bilbo’s green door ”...his Gandalf. He had plans on having tea with Gandalf, he did have some “tea” with Gandalf - and with twelve other dwarves. He was called to the adventure by Gandalf and Partly the dwarves in chapter one. Throughout the journey Gandalf has helped Bilbo. Bilbo was helped by Gandalf two times. The first time he was saved by Gandalf “(the dwarves and Bilbo had been caught by Trolls) ...for just at that moment the light came over the hill...William...Bert and Tom were stuck like rocks…’excellent’ said Gandalf, as he
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