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Bilingual education could be the face of education.”The U.S enrolled a record breaking number of international students during the 2013-2014 school year, welcoming 886,000 undergraduate and graduate students to colleges and universities throughout the country”(usnews). The amount of foreign to american student is outrageous. We need to up our standards to compare to foreign countries. If our schools offered more bilingual education opportunities, acceptance rate to college will shoot up as well as baseline knowledge of the average American. Bilingual education can shape our country to be the number 1 in education.
Countries around the world have started to enforce and encourage bilingual education. Students for overseas and around the country
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“For immigrant families and communities, raising bilingual children who can speak the language of their family and friends back in their country of origin preserves important relationships, traditions, and identity(Deussen,Theresa)”. Not only are there education benefits of bilingual education but there can also economic benefits to bilingualism. A study by the University of Florida found that fully bilingual spanish speaking Americans earn an average of about $7,000 more per year than only english speaking american. “The idea behind the program has less to do with the usual talk about a globalizing world and America’s need to become a polyglot nation if it’s going to compete with China and other rising economies” (time)The U.S started to realize that they needed to start offering bilingual education opportunities toward the late…show more content…
“Research is increasingly showing that the brains of people who are bilingual are different than those who are not, and those differences are for all the better.”(time) Researchers are saying that it's so much more beneficial to learn two languages rather than one. “Multilingual people, studies show, are better at grasping and reconciling conflicting ideas.”(time) They are known to work faster and use less energy in the process. In doing so they retain their senses longer are studies show that it can delay or give you more time to get dementia or Alzheimer's than the average person. With all of the positive outcomes of learning in a bilingual school, schools make it very hard and competitive to make it into the
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