Bilingual : Bilingual And Multilingual Education

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There are numerous bilingual/multilingual models that are currently being used for education purposes. Despite this, there are three models that will be at the center of focus for this paper: developmental bilingualism, transitional bilingual/multilingual education (bridging), and maintenance bilingual/multilingual education.
Developmental bilingualism is an education model in which the mother tongue is used as the prime method of teaching during the beginning stages of school while the second language is brought in as an area of focus so that students can prepare taking courses in this language. (Ball, 2010, p. 19) An example of this model can be found within the United States of America.
Transitional bilingual/multilingual education, also known as bridging, is an education model in which the school system transitions from use of a language for teaching to the second language. (Ball, 2010, p.19) There are two types of transitions that can occur; short cut/early exit and late transition/late exit. With the first type, the program unexpectedly transitions to the second language for teaching after a few years of being in school. (Ball, 2010, p. 19) The second type is only experienced once the child has become completely fluent with the first language; from there, the child switches to the second language for teaching. (Ball, 2010, p. 19)
Maintenance bi/multilingual education is an education model in which all of the chosen languages become methods of teaching; however, this…
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