Bilingual Language Learners ( Ell ), And Students

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A. Introduction
There are so many diverse student groups in the United States. Two that are really of interest to me are English language learners (ELL), and students in foster care. Though they have many similarities, they are also vastly different.
A.1. Definition and Demographics
ELL students are either students whose first language is not English or who were raised speaking another language in their home. ELL students made up about 9% of public school students in the United States during the 2014/2015 school year, which equals out to about 4.5 million students! Spanish is the number one first language of ELL students, making up about 77%. Arabic and Chinese are the next two most popular languages ELL students speak, but only …show more content…

This all falls under linguicism. This discrimination based on language is not only a severe challenge for ELL students, but also incredibly unfair. As people who speak English as our first language it 's easy to take advantage of that privilege, but we need to give those who do not speak English as their first language the same respect that we would want if we were learning another language in a surrounding that was foreign to us.
A.3.a. Strategy for ELL Students
Growing up in an incredibly diverse area, I completely overestimate the availability of ESL (English as a second language) and ELL teachers. Because all ELL students do not have access to such help, educators can do well to make a personal effort to reach out to their ELL students. By making a personal effort to connect with ELL students, educators can better understand how to help them get the most out of their education. Giving them special attention will not only help them succeed but also make them feel more comfortable and welcome. Educators could go above and beyond by making special copies of homework assignments for students that feature both English and the students first language. This way they will no doubt understand what is being asked of them, but also learn new words at the same time! Another way educators could show a personal effort could be by making time to work with the students outside of classroom time, further explaining anything that was taught

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