Bilingualism Essay

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“Our culture, our traditions, our languages are the foundations upon which we build our identity.” - Unknown. The concept of bilingualism represents several different ideas, two writers share their personal stories about learning being immersed into the English culture and learning the language. They both share their views of what Bilingualism means to them personally and make arguments about the importance of the concept. According to Martin Espada’s essay, “The New Bathroom Policy at English High School,” bilingualism represents a sense of self identity, a passion and love for speaking two languages, and the ability to embrace and preserve another culture. Espada has a love and passion for bilingualism and the privilege he has to …show more content…

What they want to do is also retain their own language, culture, and identity.” (9-10). By retaining their own culture and learning English they are able to participate in both cultures. Martin Espada also argues that cultural aggression causes diversion amongst communities and Spanish speakers receive unfair treatments due to suspicion and fear from non-Spanish speaking people. Violence and bullying were often seen between communities of Spanish and Non-Spanish speakers. Between the communities of Spanish and Non-Spanish speakers the presence of violence and bullying lingered and effected the pEspada writes about one of his encounters with an angry man; “He can rip out my tongue if he wants. But it won't work because I speak Spanish with my heart.” (7). This aggression leads to hate and conflict between cultures in our community, however; Espada believes that bilingualism can unite and solve the conflict. Another reason a divide between groups is present that many non-Spanish speakers have superstition towards Spanish speakers. “Many Anglos assume that the only reason Latinos speak Spanish is to say diabolical things” (Page 8, Line 121). This fear of the Spanish language leads to a ban of Spanish at schools, a drive to make English the official language of Massachusetts, and other discriminant actions against

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