Bill Clinton 's Decline : A Tragic Hero

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Bill Clinton’s Decline A tragic hero is a person who is adored or praised by the public eye but then chooses an action that eventually leads to his or her’s own destruction. These kind of heroes have been around for an extreme amount of time. A tragic hero is most commonly heard of in a novel or epic, but there have been many historical tragic heroes throughout the real world. Every continent, every country, and even every state has had at least one real life tragic hero in their midst. The United State’s dealt with a tragic hero when they elected former president Bill Clinton into office. Clinton, who use to be known for his intelligence and great speaking abilities, is now known for his scandalous acts in the White House. Bill …show more content…

He was able to raise the income for the bottom twenty percent of the workforce. In 1996, Clinton encouraged and won an increase for minimum wage employment (Ryan).
Many say Clinton was capable of doing all this by his savvy speaking abilities and intelligence. Clinton was known for having one of the highest IQs as a president and thought to be a great speaker. He was able to easily alter and adapt other politician 's words to get the information he wanted across (James). Clinton’s acclaimed speaking abilities helped him move the nation into to better times.
Clinton was a major key in moving forward the race relations. He helped support the diverse equality in the United States and showed that any person can do what they set out to accomplish. Clinton’s staff was recognized as being one of the most diverse groups the country had seen during his time in office. Ambassadors, federal judges, cabinet secretaries, U.S. attorneys, and U.S. marshals were appointed to many minorities. Clinton even set out to try and make up for past wrong doings to the black community. He was part of a settlement that awarded black farmers billions of dollars because of discrimination in the government’s farm loan program (Ryan). Clinton helped start the more diverse government in Washington and his accomplishment is still moving forward.
Clinton not only improved the United State’s race relations and started an economic boom, but he also tried as much as he could to bring peace to other

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