Bill De Blasio Case

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Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, discussed an altercation between high school students that ended with the death of a fifteen-year-old boy. On September, 27th at 10:45 am a fight broke out between three teenage boys in the Urban Assembly School of Wildlife Conservation. The eighteen-year-old perpetrator used a spring action switchblade to stab the fifteen and sixteen-year-old victims 30 minutes into a third-period history class. This fight left one of the victims dead and the other critically injured, but otherwise in a stable condition. In the press conference regarding the situation, Mayor de Blasio clarifies that because the event occurred only three hours prior, all the information that he and NYPD chief of police Robert Boyce can…show more content…
Boyce informs that each boy was stabbed once in the chest and then taken to St. Barnabas hospital where the younger of the two died. Boyce also states that issues between the victims and perpetrator had started about two weeks into the school year then finally escalated to the fatal event. At the time of the stabbing, the classroom was filled with about fifteen to twenty other students. It is unclear if bullying had persisted previous to the attack. According to Boyce, after the stabbing, the situation was resolved after the perpetrator walked out of the classroom where he was confronted by a female guidance counselor. Boyce said “She asked for the knife and recovered the knife. He then walked into the assistant principal's office and sat there and the police were called,” describing the seemingly uncomplicated arrest. Both de Blasio and Boyce state that random metal detection screenings will occur, starting the day following the incident. Prior to this, the school had not been on the approximate 78 schools in New York City with metal detectors because it was previously deemed unnecessary. When asked if the switchblade would have been detected with a metal detector Boyce said, “Yes, it would have been picked up on the metal detectors, no
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