Bill Gates : An Accomplishment

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79 billion dollars at 60 years old is an accomplishment undoubtedly. So many factors contribute into acquiring billions of dollars. Bill Gates became one of the most wealthy, successful men in the world through his determination, his outstanding ideas, and being an consistent entrepreneur. He developed those qualities from his childhood and background, his present projects, and future plans he has with his fortune. Bill Gates has become co-founder of microsoft and has built the largest privately owned foundation in the world. Not many people in this world can say that they have accomplished what Bill Gates has in 60 years of life, which meant building an empire from the ground up. Immediately, Bill Gates was born October 28, 1955 in…show more content…
Dropping out of college may have not sounded like a good idea, but Bill trusted in himself to strive for greatness and success with his close friend Paul. After some opportunities and time passed, in 1975 the two decided to invent Micro-Soft, a blend of a microcomputer and a software (Biography). Later in Microsoft’s timeline, people were not buying it as much once they figured out that they could share it with friends for free. Gates caught on to this and wrote an open letter that basically informed that sharing the software was just like stealing it. Most people did not agree with him, but he continued to be determined and when accused or unfair business practice, he threatened with innovation. Gates and Allen soon broke away from MITS and were on their own with Microsoft. This did not discourage Bill; he took it on as a challenge and he moved Microsoft to Washington in 1978. Microsoft grew and began to rise in worth grossing $2.5 million in 1978 when Bill was only 23. The rise of Microsoft began when the IBM was in need of a software to run their forthcoming PC. Although he had not come up with and operating system that could run IBM’s new PC, he bought a operating system that was similar to what IBM needed and sold it to them for the price he bought it for. This made Microsoft more valuable and revenue rose from $4 million to $16 million between the years 1978 and 1981. Soon after this, Bill shot out the idea of
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