Bill Gates: The Real Most Interesting Man in the World

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While pondering the correlation between intelligence and success, a list of successful people deserve recognition. Only one person, however, can be the wealthiest individual in the United States of America. That individual is none other than William Henry “Bill” Gates III (Khan, “Gates, Bill 1955-“). Gates, a prosperous entrepreneur and technology mogul, has demonstrated both practical and IQ intelligence through both his experiences and successes in life. Gates’ upbringing and childhood accomplishments along with his professional achievements and fierce personality all contribute to his outlier status in American society. Gates, born in 1955, was one of three children of William Henry Gates II and Mary Gates. Due to his father being an attorney and mother holding multiple key positions, most notable of which being chairwoman of United Way International, Gates benefitted greatly from the successes of his parents (“Gates, Bill 1955-“). In Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell discusses the difference between practical and IQ intelligence and how different family structures result in the development of practical intelligence in a young child. The triumphs of his parents almost assuredly led to the development of both the confidence and entitlement required to become an outlier in American society. By the age of 13, when most children are playing outside with their friends, Gates had begun programming computers (“Gates, Bill 1955-“). His IQ intelligence led to his acceptance at Harvard

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