Bill Pierce's Journey From Mexico To Canada

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From Mexico to Canada, a bike ride of about 1829 miles, ninety six year old Bill Pierce has started his journey through the middle of the United States. Bill Pierce has been contemplating the idea of his travels for about ten years but didn’t really get around to it, but he said, “About a year ago I retired, and I sat down and said to myself either i’m going to do this or i’m not going to do it, times going to run out eventually.” After finally making up his mind he decided he wanted to take on the challenge and hasn’t looked back since. Pierce has been a bicyclist for more than forty five years now, and is used to riding a couple thousand miles a year, but before his trip he hadn’t been on a bike for roughly four months. However starting his trip from Mexico and riding through Texas and the Rio Grande River, he was mainly riding on flat tabletop surfaces, helping him ride himself back into shape. Pierce started his journey on February 5 in Matamoros, Mexico, however didn’t start riding his bike until he hit the border. He spent the night in Mexico, then early the next morning walked across the border, hop on his bike and has been peddling North ever since. The ending point of the trip is going to be Winnipeg, Canada.
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WIth his stop in Kansas Pierce is about half way done with his journey, and as we can all imagine there must be lots of difficulties that he has to face. “The hills in Southwest Arkansas. I wasn’t quite ready for it, i’m hauling seventy pounds of baggage, that’s been the hardest so far. Now the things i’m worried about the rest of the trip ahead of me is the weather in these Northern states, because spring there could either be eighty degrees or it can be twenty you never know. I’m a little concerned with the chance of, in the next three weeks, that I might run into a serious cold snap with a few inches of snow and have to hold up for a couple of days because of

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