Billionaire Boy by David Williams Essay

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Plot of Billionaire Boy: The lovely book “Billionaire Boy” is about 12-year-old billionaire Joe Spud who lives with his billionaire father, Len Spud, who invented the most famous toilet tissue "Bum Fresh". Both have everything anybody could ever ask for, such as an orangutang butler, 21 bathrooms, a cinema and servants. Joe is very sad about not having any friends and being bullied at a private school, which he leaves and joins a comprehensive or public one. There he meets another 12-year-old, Bob, with whom he becomes friends. A little later in the book, a cross-country run takes place where Bob and Joe become last/second last. Following this, they decide to go to the kind Newspaper agent Raj, who always has everything. Whilst they are…show more content…
Bob is now unable to comprehend what has just happened and is angered. This causes the friendship to become very tense and a conflict arises between the two. Once the half-term holidays have ended, a new girl, Lauren arrives to the school and all the boys, including Joe, have their eyes on her. Soon Joe and Lauren become best friends. Until Joe comes home one day and finds out that his Dad is holding a massive party. This only upsets him a little, due to his father not spending any time with him. Sapphire then shares that she had seen Lauren on TV before. Soon enough Joe found out that his father had decided to pay Lauren, in order for he to befriend Joe. Joe then decides to run away from home. Following his runaway, Raj the newsagent, through fortune finds Joe sleeping in a skip and talks with Joe about his situation. Joe decides to go to Bob's home to apologies for his behavior and actions. Bob kindly accepts his apology, but soon finds out that Mr Spud had lost his fortune due to everyone suing him, as his company BumFresh is making everyone's bottom go purple. Even the queen was affected. His son, Joe, then decides to return to his home. Joe returns to his home (BumFresh Towers) and his father suggests that he should retrieve something from the house before everything is taken of them. His father is surprised when Joe returns with a rocket made out of loo roll because he says it was "made from love". At the end of the novel, Joe and his dad
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