Shoeless Joe Analysis

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If You Build It, They Will Come: A Story About Inspiration and Heart
In one’s lifetime, perspiration and willingness to overcome challenges is crucial to be successful. On the road to success, passion and striving to get better is often a major method with which one can get better. Modeled after Field of Dreams, Shoeless Joe, by W.P. Kinsella, is a book where the main character, Ray, strives forward and advances to reach moral happiness and success.
Personally, I liked the book, as like me, Ray exhibits a desire to win, and a desire to succeed, which is unmatched helping him drive forward in life.
Personally, I enjoyed Shoeless Joe, due to its fascinating display of great symbols and meaning, as well as its overall message. I liked how the book started talking about a memory Ray had with his dad about Shoeless Joe himself. At the end of the book, they go back to that memory, and it is a nice way to tie the book together. Another aspect that I enjoyed was how Ray fought through a gigantic economic issue. Ray could not pay off his mortgage, which was a horrible situation, however he kept striving and improving to build the field, to reach his goal. At this point in the novel, it does truly get emotional and sad. Knowing that he could only pay off his mortgage for so much more time, considering what he did, is so amazing. Baseball and the religious connections that Ray has with baseball forces him to say, “A ballpark at night is more like a church than a church” (Kinsella 160).
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