Billy Collins Introduction To Poetry Analysis

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“Introduction to Poetry” Billy Collins, the writer of the metaphorical poem “Introduction of Poetry”, guides the audience to interpret poetry rather than just reading poetry. Billy Collins, a teacher, wrote the poem to encourage students to dig for the greater meaning of a poem, rather than reading the black ink. Instead of visualizing and experiencing a poem, Collins fears that students only try to dissect poems. Throughout the poem, Billy Collins uses metaphors to focus the reader to react in imaginative ways and declares his love for poetry through imagery.
The title of the poem, “Introduction to Poetry”, leads me to believe that the following poem will be a poem on fundamentals, blatant instructions, and a formal presentation of poetry; however, I later find out that the poet’s tone in the title should be interpreted as positive and illuminated as wonderful. In the first stanza of the poem, Collins uses a simile, “like a color slide (line 3)”. In these lines, Collins suggests students to hold the color slide to the light; allowing students to see through the color slide, or the poem, to clearly see the bigger picture. Without holding a color slide to the light, the viewer will only see the dark film; however, once the color slide is placed in the light the viewer can perceive a “hidden” image. Collins wants the reader to see the “hidden image” in a poem. The simile in line three is the first of many metaphors.
The second stanza of the poem is a single line, which
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