Bio Ionic Onepass Straightening Iron Essay

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This is a review of the BIO Ionic Onepass Straightening Iron. There are days when you don't have the time to spend hours straightening your hair. This makes the concept of one pass through your hair to be a great feature. When you're not overloading your hair with incredible heat, you're less likely to end up with burnt, dry hair. Heat exposure can be a real problem when you blowdry and straighten your hair frequently. The founder and CEO of the company, Fernando Romero, was a hair stylist and icon in the world of beauty who was traveling in Japan when he came up with the idea for the BIO Ionic Nanolonic technology.

BIO Ionic Onepass Straightening Iron Styling
With the Onepass flat iron, you'll be able to create sleek, shiny, conditioned
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It might even pickup hair spray residue when you spritz your hair too close to the device.

To clean the flat iron, it's important that you make sure the plates are completely cooled. Unplug the straightened, so that while you're cleaning it doesn't accidentally get turned on again. That's how you'd get a pretty serious burn. Place it on a towel and use a damp cloth or wet paper towel to remove the residue. Some residual products might be gummy or sticky. In that case, you might need a little soap and water. Rubber alcohol might be a good cleaning solution if the residue isn't coming off easily.

Before using the iron again, allow it to dry for a few hours. It can be tough to use the straightener if the plates or creases of the plates are still damp. It'll wet the hair and cause burning.

The BIO Ionic Onepass Straightening Iron has the unique silicone speed strips to help the plates glide through the hair in one smooth, quick motion. You don't have to worry about the plates pulling or snagging at the hair, which is the case with some cheap straightening irons. With this one tool, you'll get silky smooth hair that you can leave straightened, or you can use the styling tool to create wavy beach curls or tight beautiful springy curls depending on your mood that
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