Biofuel and The Racing Industry Essay

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The billion dollar racing industry uses high-octane fossil fuels for competition. Lately, ecologists and governments have begun to highlight the need for the racing industry to switch from high-octane fuels to biofuels. The concern for preserving diesel fuels stems from its non-renewal in nature; however, the racing industry should not be forced to use biofuels because of three primary reasons – performance, cost effectiveness and high infrastructure expenditure. The ecologists are of the opinion that the racing industry is an unnecessary burden for the society, that it does not serve any purpose. But the fact is that the racing industry is just like any other industry that is driven by diesel fuels like car manufacturing and …show more content…

The racing industry will come to a standstill (Pahl 05). Even at this moment, certain suppliers are selling biodiesel at the same price as diesel fuel but this trend is unlikely to continue in the future. Using biofuels for racing is an impractical alternative at the moment. Thirdly, the cost of biofuel is high because its production and infrastructural cost is humongous. To create biofuel, large tracts of land need to be cleared for setting up the plant. This is not feasible because of global economic meltdown whose one major disadvantage is the rising food prices. If the land that could be better used for producing the much needed food crops, there is no need to use the same land for generating biofuels (FAO 07). Furthermore, the cost of establishing and running a biofuel plant runs into billions. Where would the money come from? Of course, the people have to pay for them, doubly, first for purchasing biofuel and secondly in the form of taxes. Ironically, the common man cannot afford such expenses given the current economic situation, which if not controlled will create more problems in the future like unemployment, an issue more important than debating biofuels and diesel fuels (Stern 07).

To present a counter argument on this issue, there are various advantages of using biofuels as well such as preserving the natural environment and saving the planet from harmful gaseous omissions. Ethanol,

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