Why Should Nascar Keep Using Biofuels

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Why should NASCAR keep using the biofuels The sport of NASCAR had been using leaded fuels for the longest time, long after most cars stopped using them. Then all of the sudden they switched because of one person named Dale Earnhardt Jr.; he thought it would make them go faster and make greener use of fuel. The use of these fuels is a greener way to go from using fossil fuels, and NASCAR will keep using the ethanol blend they are using now. The way some people think that the use of biofuels, like ethanol, will cause problems such as deforestation. If we switch all biofuels it could have long term effects on our water supply and other resources. With the use of all the fuel for NASCAR could eventually lead to the price going up for corn and other crops ( Robert Mendick). However, the US already has enough farmland to be able to produce enough corn for the biofuels, and still have enough for food. The price of corn will more than likely stay the same because we are using not even half of corn for it. The farmland we have already will give us enough without having to cut down forest and other wooded areas for farms. Fields would be watered most of the time by rain and if there is not enough rain in a …show more content…

That other 30 percent is people such as farmers who are concerned about how much of the corn is being used to produce the fuels for the sport and other cars on the road, but eventually the world will only be using biofuels. They should not be worried about it because when being made the farmers can save the the corn stocks to be used in the making of the ethanol and other

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