Biographical Essay: Void's Atlas

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Pain my tongue with your spangled mouth.

I exceeded my share of love, because love became a legend in the form of poetry, only. It became the anthem of the brave ones. A curious realtionship between two unknowns in a lunatic tone.

The blush comes with birth seedligns words, and so, your lips raise a new type of drug.

Problems are mannerless, sometimes they line up calmly, and sometimes just go on stage, invites nightmares and confusion.

I really don't know when things were shocked migrating to the gray so rapidly. Maybe, I didn't notice

The feeling: of scorch all the time, dropping sparks unwittingly.

Tell the court jesters, who smile as craft, that my smile is valid before your doubts.

My heart is museum, speaks in silence, in the middle of the song, without no clear metric, with no apparent
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Void's Atlas

There's a west fury wind blowing in my paradoxes, and personal Atlas. The edge of my internal cliff. In the middle of my dungeons made of concrete-sadness. Standing in front of human traffic, waiting for the autopilot back to work. Sometimes I want a friend-et who likes to exchange letters, contact, simpleminded meetings.

I'm the red paradox, that should pump blood only. Coordinate vital functions; and of course falling in love. I'm not exact, much less discoverable in Human Atlas. Sure, everything starts here and also finishes here. Thus, are born the gaps and uncertainties, like love and butteflies. Therefore, I make the human: astronaut and worm.

a flaming gold, cinnamon aroma mixed with your taste of melanin. Noises atlas, against my chest. vibrating until the same connection. with a moony smile making me sun. with a handful of hopes to take my rough hand, tied in this softness.. Astronaut silly me. 9º east of the heart

Howling fields of the
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