Biographies And Biographies Of Books Essay

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The term “nonfiction” is a very broad classifier of literature. Alongside fiction, the two genres account for all the literature in existence. A quick internet search will present a number of genres that are considered nonfiction. From historical eyewitness accounts, to creative nonfiction, to biographies, there are many genres that people generally accept as factual. Memoirs and biographies are usually counted on the more reliable side. Thus, there exist a number of sub-genre that fall under the title of “nonfiction”. However, take a look past the surface, a number of problems with this stance arise. In all truth, the brains of human beings are the only source behind the facts of biographies and memoirs. As it turns out, this is the source is far from credible. Memoirs and biographies are not reliable sources of nonfiction due to the differences between brains, bias which affects the brain, and the faulty nature of brain functions. Every person has a distinct, separate brain, despite how similar people may feel to the others around them. Calahan had violent behaviors and got more violent as she was hospitalized, but the doctors would say that she is schizophrenic or has phycosis. She knew this was not true and kept going back. When she was later released, Calahan wanted to know what she had forgotten and had no memory of. She would watch the surveillance footage, look at doctors ' reports, and listen to her parents and her boyfriend about what they were witnessing. This

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