Biography Of James Dials 's Life

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I, James Dials was born in Tampa, Florida. A busy city full of big business tourist attractions and nightlife. A great city full of attractions and distractions with things to fill your time everywhere you look. I spent my whole life in this city exploring and enjoying my environment going to bush gardens and adventure island countless times and soon enough began going to Ybor city to enjoy the nightlife and concerts. Soon I began to realize that I needed to follow my dreams. But then I realized I didn’t even have any. Lost in the distractions of life I didn’t even think about how hard adulthood would hit me. I didn’t realize how I could get so caught up in life that I could end up not following my heart and not follow my dreams. As a kid, …show more content…

My mother began to check up on me often from this point on. She began finding me passed out on my bed after school with all of my books and homework I had received from the school with most of the work incomplete. Being a nurse she started to develop a new worry. She quickly scheduled a doctor’s appointment which led to blood test after blood test. In the end this led to me being diagnosed with hypothyroid disease. This is a common disease in women that fogs up your mind and makes you very lethargic. I was given medicine and a week later I was proud to tell my mother I had all D’s in my classes. I ended up bringing my grades up to C’s by the end of the year. I continued through my middle school as a C student. When it came to high school I found a school called Tampa bay technical high school which was a school that differentiated itself from others. It was a high school that was not only an A high school but also had shop classes to choose from which included architecture, medical and computer science. Something about computer science had intrigued me especially the fact that in my middle school we had pretty much learned a little bit about all of the other shops in my classes in which every single one bored me to death. I applied and ended up getting into the Cisco academy at Tampa bay technical high school. From the beginning we learned the history of computers and then went on

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